50-mark question paper on magnetic effects of current for class 10 science, chapter 13

1 Mark Questions

  1. What is a magnetic field?
  2. What are magnetic field lines?
  3. What is the direction of the magnetic field around a current-carrying conductor?
  4. What is Fleming’s left-hand rule?
  5. What is an electromagnet?
  6. What is the principle of an electric motor?
  7. What is electromagnetic induction?
  8. What is the induced potential difference?
  9. What is an electric generator?
  10. What is the difference between direct current and alternating current?

2 Mark Questions

  1. Draw a diagram to show the magnetic field lines around a current-carrying conductor.
  2. Explain how an electromagnet works.
  3. Explain the principle of an electric motor.
  4. Explain what is meant by electromagnetic induction.
  5. Draw a diagram to show how an electric generator works.

3 Mark Questions

  1. Compare and contrast direct current and alternating current.
  2. Explain the advantages of alternating current over direct current.
  3. Draw a diagram to show the domestic electric circuit in your house.
  4. Explain the working of a fuse in an electric circuit.
  5. Explain the importance of safety measures in electrical circuits.

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