50-mark question paper on reproduction for class 10 science, chapter 8

1 Mark Questions

  1. What is reproduction?
  2. What are the two main types of reproduction?
  3. Name two asexual modes of reproduction in plants.
  4. What is a zygote?
  5. What is syngamy?
  6. Name the parts of a flower that are involved in reproduction.
  7. What is pollination?
  8. What is fertilization?
  9. What is the oviduct?
  10. What is the placenta?

2 Mark Questions

  1. Explain the process of asexual reproduction in yeast.
  2. Explain the process of vegetative propagation in plants.
  3. Describe the structure of a flower and explain its role in reproduction.
  4. Explain the process of pollination.
  5. Explain the process of fertilization in humans.

3 Mark Questions

  1. Compare and contrast asexual and sexual reproduction.
  2. Explain the importance of variation in offspring.
  3. Describe the menstrual cycle in humans.
  4. Explain the role of placenta in the development of a fetus.
  5. Discuss the ethical issues involved in human cloning.

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