NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social science Chapter 5 – What Books And Burials Tell Us

Page No 52:

Question 3:

In what ways are the books we read today different from the Rigveda?


The books we read today are different from the Rig Veda in that the Rig Veda was chanted and heard, it was later handwritten. The text of the Rig Veda is in Sanskrit.

Page No 52:

Question 4:

What kind of evidence from burials do archaeologists use to find out whether there were social differences amongst those who were buried?


To find out the social differences, the evidence from burial which the archaeologists use is the amount of jewelry on the corpse or the number of belongings buried with it.

Page No 52:

Question 5:

In what ways do you think that the life of a raja was different from that of a dasa or dasi?


A raja was a rich and powerful leader while the dasa or dasi were slaves owned by people.

Page No 52:

Question 1:

Match the Columns

SuktaStone boulder
yajnaWell – said
DasaUsed in battles


SuktaWell – said
ChariotUsed in battles
MegalithStone Boulder

Page No 52:

Question 2:

Complete the sentences:

(a) Slaves were used for _______________________.

(b) Megaliths are found in ___________________.

(c) Stone circles or boulders on the surface were used to ___________.

(d) Port holes were used for ______________.

(e) People at Inamgaon ate ___________________.


(a) Slaves were used for whatever work their masters wanted them to do.

(b) Megaliths are found in the Deccan, south India, in the North-East and Kashmir.

(c) Stone circles or boulders on the surface were used to mark burial sites.

(d) Port holes were used for entering cists.

(e) People at Inamgaon ate wheat, barley, rice, pulses, millets, peas and sesame as well as animal flesh and fruits.

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