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Farsighted Steven Johnson Farsighted (2018) is concerned with the complexity of decision-making. It demonstrates why decision-making can be so difficult and how hard it can be to predict the outcome of any given decision. Farsighted also provides some helpful tools that can help anyone make better decisions despite the difficulties. Farsighted   1/20 What’s in it …

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How Women Rise

  0/15 How Women Rise Sally Helgesen and Marshall Goldsmith How Women Rise (2018) explores the surprising things that women say do and think in the workplace that hold them back from progressing. Using real-world examples and practical advice the blinks explain how professional women can meet their full potential and rise to the top of …

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Screamfree Parenting

Screamfree Parenting Hal Edward Runkel Screamfree Parenting (2007) is your guide to a better relationship with your children. From the space and boundaries that a child needs to the trust and love you need yourself these blinks shed light on the principles of screamfree parenting. Screamfree Parenting1/10 What’s in it for me? Become a screamfree …

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The Creative Curve

The Creative Curve0/18 The Creative Curve Allen Gannett The Creative Curve (2018) provides valuable insights into the true nature of talent. Using examples from scientific research as well as anecdotal evidence from the careers of certified geniuses these blinks explore whether creative success is the result of unique inspiration or something far more predictable. The …

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